ISAFIS Movie Discussion : The Bridge of Spies

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ISAFIS Movie Discussion : The Bridge of Spies

ISAFIS Movie Discussion

The Bridge of Spies – Bridging Movie into International Relations


An English man living in the United States of America (USA), Rudolf Abel, is arrested as a Soviet spy in 1957. Lawyer James B. Donovan, former prosecutor for Nazi war crimes in the Nuremberg Trials, is recruited from his law firm to defend the accused spy. The ongoing Cold War gives a backdrop on how unenviable Donovan’s task was: the strong anti-Communist general view opted to give Abel capital punishment. However, Donovan meets the judge and demands Abel not be sentenced to death, for at some point he can be useful to swap with American spy Soviet might have in custody, rendering the judge to sentence Abel with a 30 year imprisonment. The scenario Donovan has presupposed comes into play when Francis Gary Powers, a U-2 spy pilot is shot down within the Soviet Union territory and captured in 1960. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) sends a covert message to Donovan to release Abel in exchange for Powers. As the USSR doesn’t want to admit Abel is their spy, the exchange is to take place in East Germany. Donovan agrees to handle the negotiations, and his skills are tested when more dynamics take place: cheap nfl jerseys an American economics graduate student in West Berlin, Frederic Pryor, was arrested and labeled as American spy. The Central Intelligence Agency prioritizes Powers’ release, but Donovan strives to take both Powers and Pryor back home. The deal is made and the exchange takes place at the Glienicke Bridge.

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