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World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development: An Initiative from the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia

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As the effort to prepare the first World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development which will be held on September 6-7 th this year, the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia held a socialization regarding the event on Thursday, July 13 th 2017. Taking place at Nusantara Building, the socialization was attended by the representatives of ambassadors from various countries who will be attending the event in Nusa Dua, Bali. ISAFIS as the representative of youth-led organization was also invited to learn and pass the understanding of World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development to a wider community.

 World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development has the goal as well as the theme of Achieving the 2030 Agenda through Inclusive Development. Furthermore, it was mentioned during the socialization that the forum will emphasize the true meaning of SDGs which is for the people. There are three main topics which will be intensively discussed in two days. First, “Leave no one behind: Promoting Inclusive and Equitable Development” which focuses on the national policy making that is in line with the inclusive and equitable goals of SDGS. Second, “Ending Violence, Sustaining Peace” is hoped to strengthen the international community including the parliament in taking active role to stop violence and maintain peace. Third, “SDGs and Climate Action” is explained as the effort to respond the climate change and to find alternative solutions which could be applied by parliaments through their policies.

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UN4MUN Project

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Indonesian Student Association For International Studies (ISAFIS) is currently  Running UN4MUN project to hold The First UN4MUN conference in South-East Asia. This conference, will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 17th – 20th January 2018.  UN4MUN is the only Model United Nations (MUN) procedure developed and promoted by the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN DPI) as an official response from UN to correct MUN procedures established and conducted by universities around the world that do not follow the actual rules of procedure, negotiation process and values of the United Nations (UN). ISAFIS believes that UN4MUN is the only Model United Nations procedure that aims to promote UN values and processes accurately, and that such values and process are crucial to achieving and maintaining world peace and there is an urgency to educate people about UN4MUN procedure.

An addition to hold The First UN4MUN conference simulation in South-East Asia , ISAFIS is currently working with students from Chulalangkorn University, Mahidol University, Kasetsart University, Thammasat University, and Assumption University of Thailand  to manage all preparation that needs for the conferences and build a plan to ensure that the participants have the best conference experience possible. We already manage a plan to invite 500 participants particularly from south east-asian countries and outside south-east asian countries to attend this conference.

ISAFIS also met with the Centara Grand hotel in Bangkok discussing about venue for the conference and detailed accommodation aspects to ensure that the conference runs smoothly for the participants.  Centara Grand Hotel is located in the heart of Bangkok, on top of Central World Mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

ISAFIS also have obtained the full support of the Indonesia-Thailand Chamber of Commerce to hold the conference, and are currently reaching out to other chambers of commerce in Thailand, such as India-Thai Chamber of Commerce.

This conference is also supported by Mr. William Yotive. Mr. William Yotive is currently the Model UN coordinator for World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA). Prior to working at WFUNA, William Yotive was Project Manager of the United Nations Global Teaching and Learning Project within the Outreach Division of the UN Department of Public Information for more than 14 years. He was responsible for creating educational materials for schools around the world on the United Nations and global issues on its agenda.

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ISAFIS has many activities cheap football jerseys for internal member which will develop membersӮ capability towards international studies. Those activities are biweekly discussion, workshops, leaderships training, etc.

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Pemimpin yang Mampu Berkolaborasi

Oleh: Glenn Wijaya


Pemilihan Kepala Daerah dan Wakil Kepala Daerah untuk tingkat Provinsi DKI Jakarta akan segera bergulir. Para calon sudah mempersiapkan diri sebaik-baiknya demi cheap Oakleys sunglasses dipinang oleh rakyat untuk menjabat sebagai Gubernur dan Wakil Gubernur DKI Jakarta untuk periode antara 2017 – 2022. Namun, di tengah hingar-bingar pemilihan kepala daerah, masyarakat seringkali lupa bahwa yang memerintah di DKI Jakarta sesungguhnya bukan hanya tergantung daripada Kepala Daerah dan wakilnya, tetapi juga adalah Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah (DPRD).

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Clicking and Sharing: Good Intentions, Unsustainable Movement

Oleh : Khodijah

The Tahrir Square rally which started on January 25th 2011 would not have happened without social media, neither would have London riots in the same year. Ever since social media, generating a movement has been made easier, and internet gained its prominence Oakleys Outlet in making social change. By social change, we have seen people amassed in demonstrations, donated a considerably great amount of money, prompted local governments to do or refrain from doing certain policy, and at the very least put spotlight on issues previously untouched, undiscussed about. However, the real-life impact of some movements are modest, if we can say any. Some movements focused only in making the issue viral, while at the same time lack the commitment in making a sustainable action to build the change they desire. By taking a closer look at the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which was recently reported to lead a breakthrough in ALS research, this article will point out how people could devise a more strategic movement in order to create bigger change.

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Kebijakan Produksi Minyak Saudi Arabia dalam OPEC pada Turunnya Harga Minyak Global tahun 2014

Oleh: Neta Cynara Anggina


Latar Belakang

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) merupakan sebuah organisasi dalam bentuk kartel yang memiliki peran dalam mengontrol sumber minyak beserta harganya dalam pasar global. Berbeda dari kartel pada umumnya, organisasi ini terdiri dari tiga belas negara berdaulat penghasil minyak; yaitu Algeria, Angola, Ekuador, Indonesia, Iran, Irak, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, dan Venezuela. Masing-masing negara setuju untuk menetapkan kuota produksi yang kurang dari jumlah yang akan diproduksi dalam kondisi pasar kompetitif. Kuota ini yang menjadi instrumen OPEC dalam mengontrol harga minyak di pasar, yakni suatu monopoli kolektif berdasarkan ekspektasi¾dengan membatasi kuota supply, harga minyak akan naik. Demand atas energi karena kegiatan ekonomi juga turut membatasi fluktuasi harga minyak.

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Modern Youth and Student Movement in Indonesia

The dynamics of Indonesia’s political movement is a fascinating subject to examine and be understood by a wide array of people, particularly by young people. The nature of young individuals, visionary and idealist stimulated the changes thus created the dynamics in the landscape of movements in Indonesia. Indonesia’s political movement has seen its beginning since the colonial period, noticeable by the birth of many youth-led cheap oakleys organizations. These organizations aimed to reform the social and political structure in Indonesia towards betterment of the society. However, nowadays such disposition has declined a great deal. Activities that gather people and march to protest against something or simply express particular views on certain issues are no longer considered less significant. Against that backdrop, questions are raised. Is the Indonesian independence truly taken for granted by the young generation? If not, what encourages the changes occurred that result in the depreciation Ideas of the nature of young individuals, which are visionary and idealist.


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The Trans Pacific Partnership: Should We Join the Pact?

In today’s global circumstances, international multilateral economic partnerships have blossomed in every corner of the world. It is believed to ensure the interdependency of one country to the next, reduces the risk of global warfare, and significant self-gain. As layers upon layers of agreements are established between countries, stronger ties are forged with the hope that more benefits would be reaped cheap football jerseys from interconnectedness. However, it must be said that more may not always be merrier, and taking precaution is advised, especially if a country is deciding to jump on a moving bandwagon. This is true in accordance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an issue that has now landed Ray Ban sale on Indonesia’s lap.

Infografis week 1 IS web

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Board of Executive

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Muhammad Ivan Mahardika

Vice President:
Audrey Lynn Julianto

Nariswari Khairanisa

Treasurer:<br Baratas Replicas Ray Ban />
Moch. Yogie Setiawan

External Coordinator:
Regina Anjani Karissaputri

Internal Coordinator:
Elsa of Safira Hestriana

Project Manager:
Abyan wholesale nfl jerseys Rai Fauzan

Secretary General of Jakarta Model United Nations:
Malikah Ambarani

Project Officer cheap jerseys of Indonesia International Week:<br Ray Ban sale />
Abrar cheap oakleys Khairi

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West Japan International Week

I always want to surround myself with great people. The story begin on February 2014 when I was looking for such organizational development by Cheap Football Jerseys joining Indonesian Student Association for International Studies (ISAFIS). Then, finally on last September, ISAFIS bring me abroad by giving me a chance to participate in international project. The project called West Japan International Week, it basically aimed to understanding multicultural among nations. During the program, we were visiting historical buldings, learning Japanese’s business through company visit, and feel the local culture by living with Japanese host family. Discovering the historical sides and the culture of Japan while visiting company to learn business culture in Japan is exactly the thing what I want to do. The range of activities like visiting wholesale football jerseys famous beautiful Cheap Jerseys shrine in Kyoto, visiting Osaka castle and historical museum, cheap nfl jerseys and visiting some unique companies aslo filled me with enthusiasm during the project.


As a single participant from Indonesia, I represent my country to all participants from 14 countries (Holland, Poland, Russia, Finland, Vietnam, China, Switzerland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Israel, Indonesia, Czech Republic, and Vietnam)


I see this opportunity is not only will benefit myself, but also I can promote Indonesian culture to the world. In the opening session, I talk much about Indonesia especially tourism and cultural issues. I also think that introducing Japan students to the Indonesian culture and vice versa is really an interesting experience from which both Conferences sides may benefit.




Presenting Indonesian traditional dance from lampung “tari sembah”.


The most wholesale nfl jerseys valuable thing that I get from this program is friendship. I stayed with Japanese student in during the program. Start from wake up in the morning, I learn a lot about Japanese culture, lifestyle, their discipline and polite attitude. I hope my experience can inspire others to join the next IWWJ.