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Modern Youth and Student Movement in Indonesia

The dynamics of Indonesia’s political movement is a fascinating subject to examine and be understood by a wide array of people, particularly by young people. The nature of young individuals, visionary and idealist stimulated the changes thus created the dynamics in the landscape of movements in Indonesia. Indonesia’s political movement has seen its beginning since the colonial period, noticeable by the birth of many youth-led cheap oakleys organizations. These organizations aimed to reform the social and political structure in Indonesia towards betterment of the society. However, nowadays such disposition has declined a great deal. Activities that gather people and march to protest against something or simply express particular views on certain issues are no longer considered less significant. Against that backdrop, questions are raised. Is the Indonesian independence truly taken for granted by the young generation? If not, what encourages the changes occurred that result in the depreciation Ideas of the nature of young individuals, which are visionary and idealist.


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