What We Do?

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What We Do?

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  • Jakarta Model United Nations (July 2016)

The biggest International Model United Nations (MUN) in Indonesia which first-ever held in the capital city of Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta, by ISAFIS in 2011. JMUN offers an opportunity to experience the challenges of international negotiation and diplomacy. In JMUN, participants will act as a diplomat from the particular country then discuss international issues like the process that occurs at a UN Conference. This year theme “Engraving History: Facing the Challenge of Civilization.”

  • Indonesia International Week (August 2016)

An annual cultural exchange program held by ISAFIS which invites Baratas Replicas Ray Ban International students from around the globe to learn about the holistic aspects of Indonesia: cultures, economics, government works, student life, etc. From Jakarta to Jogjakarta and ended in Bali, this year theme “The Stellar Archipelago” aims to share values of harmony as a great unity, among all the differences.

  • SISBAC (Short International Studies Basic Course)

SISBAC aims to connect young people to the experts from the Government and Embassy in discussing the latest and crucial issues that are related to International matters. This year, SISBAC will be held in Anti Graft Commission (KPK) and Cheap MLB Jerseys The Embassy of the United States in Indonesia.

  • IMATION (ISAFIS Diplomatic Simulation)

IMATION is an opportunity and arena for both varsity and high school students and to enhance and contend diplomatic skills like the way diplomats do. This year IMATION, in collaboration with the Rectorate of Universitas Atma Jaya is cialis themed “Seek the Unknown to Achieve Greatness”. This event will also be complemented with a cultural session from the Spanish Embassy in Indonesia.

  • ISAFIS Charity

Initiated in 2016, ISAFIS Charity aims to provide tangible impact to society. Without reducing the value of international studies, this activity is hoped that as a cheap jerseys youth-led organization, ISAFIS would also participate in sustaining the well-being of the society.

  • ISAFIS Journal

As a youth organization that affixes “International Studies” into its name, cheap jerseys china we strive to contribute in the development of international studies. ISAFIS Journal will compile selected papers from the students in Indonesia into the form of a journal. It will be published into both physical and online form. ISAFIS Journal hopes to be a reference for the students and anyone in need.

  • ISAFIS Newsletter

Once in every three months, the Research and Development (RND) Division will produce ISAFIS Newsletter contained high political issues as well as the latest issues and our activities listed above. The newsletter is distributed cheap nhl jerseys not only to ISAFIS members, but also to youth outside ISAFIS.