MUN 101

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MUN 101

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MUN is an educational simulation and/or academic competition in which students role-play as the United Nations countries’ delegates and simulate UN committees’ conferences.

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MUN Basic Vocab You Need to Know:

If you are about to seek some experience in MUN, you should get familiarized with the terms ‘committee’, ‘topic areas’, ‘delegates’, and ‘dais’.

Committee is a formal body of institution that has specific mandates in specific issues and is where the delegates cooperate to tackle specific issues.

Topic area is the limitation Cheap Jordans or scope of issues that will be discussed in wholesale jerseys the conference, written in the study guide of every committee.

A delegate is someone representing their country, and in MUN you will roleplay as a delegate.

Dais are the board of directors that moderate, direct, and judge the discussion.

As mentioned above, a committee is where the магии delegates can cooperate and solve cheap fake oakleys a problem together. In a committee session, there are two types of caucus; Fake Ray Bans moderated caucus and unmoderated caucus. While a moderated caucus is a formal debate limited to one scope of specific issue and directed by the dais, its unmoderated counterpart is not directed and the delegates are free to negotiate and form alliances that have similar interests.

After the Negotiations:

At the end of the day, a committee session is a platform for delegates to make resolutions on a problem. In the process of making one, delegates can make a working paper, which contains draft of their solutions and stances. The draft is then developed into a draft resolution. Each resolution consists of one long sentence, comprising two kinds of clauses; a set of ‘preambulatory clauses’ and a set of ‘operative clauses’. Preambulatory clauses introduce the topic, provide a background of past action and justify the purpose and content of the resolution;            operative clauses then build on the context and background provided by perambulatory clause and call on Member States  to action. If the majority of the conference voted upon the draft resolution, then it discount football jerseys becomes a resolution.

Why MUN?

If you seek the fun way to learn about international issues, want to be aware of various problems in this globalization era, have the eagerness to solve those problems, and also preparing solutions, MUN is one way to do that. MUN also trains your diplomatic and negotiations skill which can be useful in your future life as a diplomat, entrepreneur, politician, and many other possibilities.

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