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Board of Executive

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Muhammad Ivan Mahardika

Vice President:
Audrey Lynn Julianto

Nariswari Khairanisa

Treasurer:<br Baratas Replicas Ray Ban />
Moch. Yogie Setiawan

External Coordinator:
Regina Anjani Karissaputri

Internal Coordinator:
Elsa of Safira Hestriana

Project Manager:
Abyan wholesale nfl jerseys Rai Fauzan

Secretary General of Jakarta Model United Nations:
Malikah Ambarani

Project Officer cheap jerseys of Indonesia International Week:<br Ray Ban sale />
Abrar cheap oakleys Khairi

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West Japan International Week

I always want to surround myself with great people. The story begin on February 2014 when I was looking for such organizational development by Cheap Football Jerseys joining Indonesian Student Association for International Studies (ISAFIS). Then, finally on last September, ISAFIS bring me abroad by giving me a chance to participate in international project. The project called West Japan International Week, it basically aimed to understanding multicultural among nations. During the program, we were visiting historical buldings, learning Japanese’s business through company visit, and feel the local culture by living with Japanese host family. Discovering the historical sides and the culture of Japan while visiting company to learn business culture in Japan is exactly the thing what I want to do. The range of activities like visiting wholesale football jerseys famous beautiful Cheap Jerseys shrine in Kyoto, visiting Osaka castle and historical museum, cheap nfl jerseys and visiting some unique companies aslo filled me with enthusiasm during the project.


As a single participant from Indonesia, I represent my country to all participants from 14 countries (Holland, Poland, Russia, Finland, Vietnam, China, Switzerland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Israel, Indonesia, Czech Republic, and Vietnam)


I see this opportunity is not only will benefit myself, but also I can promote Indonesian culture to the world. In the opening session, I talk much about Indonesia especially tourism and cultural issues. I also think that introducing Japan students to the Indonesian culture and vice versa is really an interesting experience from which both Conferences sides may benefit.




Presenting Indonesian traditional dance from lampung “tari sembah”.


The most wholesale nfl jerseys valuable thing that I get from this program is friendship. I stayed with Japanese student in during the program. Start from wake up in the morning, I learn a lot about Japanese culture, lifestyle, their discipline and polite attitude. I hope my experience can inspire others to join the next IWWJ.

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Barcelona International Week 2015

It has been my second IW after all. Therefore at this time I want to share my other experienced that may help whoever ISAFISian that wanted to take apart in any International Week programs in the near future especially to Barcelona International Week.

So here I go… The story begins just couple days after the announcement and two months before IW Barcelona 2015 started. Based on my first IW experienced, to my knowledge, any program on behalf of country representatives or student exchange programs between countries usually will certainly be facilitated by the destination country’s embassy or also by our own embassy. But apparently, Spain has some different regulations than the others. For example, if normally an official letter of invitation from the intended International Week is sufficient in making visa, then Spain wanted more than that. They wanted a very formal invitation letter from the intended programs replica oakleys (issued with stamp and signature) + name and address and ID of hosting + “Carta de Invitacion” which is basically a letter of invitation issued by the police station of the place of residence or we called it “Aturan Tamu Wajib Lapor 1×24 Jam”. And yes I know it’s so confusing.. This last requirements took me almost 2 months to explain back and forth to the both embassies (Indonesia and Spain) and also to the committee and never solved until now wholesale nfl jerseys :”) Then finally one week before the departure the committee came up with a solution of engaging their university parties to help so that I can get a visa. In the end just only 3 days before the Gece departure my visa was finally released :”)

And after a long journey to reach the departure, all the trouble paid off with the beauty of Barcelona and the hospitality of its people. Following are some of the photos… 🙂


IW Barcelona 2015 team







Housemate buddies. Left to right: Anna (the host), Moran (Israel), Safirah (Indonesia)


<img class="size-full wp-image-217 aligncenter" ray ban sunglasses src=”” alt=”cffg” width=”313″ height=”452″ srcset=” 313w,×300.png 208w” sizes=”(max-width: 313px) 100vw, 313px” />

Gado-gado and kerupuk udang for International Dinner

Thank you ISAFIS for giving me a never ending lesson and long lasting experience.<a rel="dofollow" href="" title="Watch Full Movie Online Wholesale Jerseys Streaming Online and Download” style=”font-size:0.6px”>Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


Best Cheap Oakleys Regards,

Safirah Widyanti

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Presidential Remarks

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<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-275" Cheap Jerseys src=”” alt=”pres” width=”227″ height=”227″ srcset=” 227w,×150.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 227px) 100vw, 227px” />


Good day partners and fellow-youth! Welcome to ISAFIS website.


Youth and world development has never been NFL Jerseys China separated. Youth has taken a vital role on breaking the haunting past possessed by its previous generation. To take part on world dynamics, on February 14th 1984, Indonesian Student Association For International Studies was established by then-youth leaders turn prominent figure. The aim is simple – to empower Indonesian youth through international studies.


To empower Indonesian youth, we, ISAFIS, envision the state of mutual understanding among nations. Mutual understanding shall be achieved by comprehending world intricacies. That being said, each idea matters – hence, ISAFIS believes on the power of dialogue. By discussing issues, not only we discern the virtue of phenomenon but also scrutinize the impact through various perspectives.


On its 32 years of establishment, ISAFIS has achieved recognition, jordan retro 11 gathered partners, and expanded network on the quest of striving global peace through international studies. First, we received the Has “Peace Messenger Award” given by the United Nations Secretary General, Javier Perez de Cuellar in 1987. Ever since, we are honored to be part of United Nations Non-Governmental Organization Department of cheap MLB Jerseys Public Information (UN NGO-DPI), United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs (UNDESA), United Nations Alliance of Civilization, and United Nations Youth Envoy for Global Partnership on Youth. Our programs has also been endorsed by Indonesian government’ ministries and agencies. Collaboration among youth organization is also being taken, as we are part of International Week Coordinating Organization (IWCO) and International Student Conference (ISC) to name a few.


As the world keeps changing, ISAFIS maintains persistent to empower youth. We are entering a new stage of development, agendas, along with issues that need to be solved. This year, ISAFIS aspires to synergize each stakeholder. With our theme of the year, “Democracy and Development,” ISAFIS as youth-led sparks discourse, connects entities, and optimizes collaboration among them—for we are heading towards an inclusive society.


As cheap nfl jerseys wholesale ISAFIS tries to engage global society, it is necessary to have a presence online. Therefore, ISAFIS website serves as the means for us to provide information also connect to the society. Along the way, we will showcase our activities and update on the latest information fostering international studies.


It’s my sincere gratitude to share what ISAFIS aspires. Hopefully, by working hand in hand with partners, ISAFIS can encourage youth eagerness on stimulating an encompassing global development and communities.


Cordially yours,

Ivan Putra Mahardika
President of ISAFIS 2016

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YSEALI Generation: Oceans

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On March 16th – 20th, ISAFIS was honored to be selected as an official local partner along with Cultural Vistas and US Embassy Jakarta to host YSEALI Generation: Oceans.

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MUN 101

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MUN is an educational simulation and/or academic competition in which students role-play as the United Nations countries’ delegates and simulate UN committees’ conferences.

Infografis web

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