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Failure to Ratify the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: An Incorrigible Loss for Indonesia

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For something as tiny as 9 centimeter long and turns to ashes after several exhales, cigarette turns out to be of great concern in a global extent. Smoking has become an extremely regular activity in most countries, be it the ones having developed or the ones still yet developing. However, the burden is also placed on smoking for cases of varieties of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and many other lethal illness. The idea for an international instrument for tobacco control was formally initiated at the World Health Assembly held in May 1995. This shows a growing concern of world’s countries on deteriorating effects made possible by the existence of tobacco and its products. After the adoption of WHA49.17, a resolution that requests the Director General to initiate the development of WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, every countries were given the chance to take part in formulating the framework.

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