Islamophobia Development and Role of Youths

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Islamophobia Development and Role of Youths

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Oleh: Safira Prabawidya Pusparani

When the world mourns over the shootings in France but the media refuses to acknowledge the shootings in Chapel Hill as a hate crime, there clearly is something wrong with the world. It seems that the world has been pinned towards the idea of radical Muslims, and chooses to be ignorant on the idea of a Muslim being a victim as opposed to the usual terrors. Muslims are notoriously known to be the ones behind the gun, not in front of it.

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The term islamophobia goes back around 14 years from today. The 9/11 attacks were the starting point where notions and paradigms on Islamic terror erupted drastically. It seems quite an irony that such hateful point of views could be built upon a singular event, while peoplehad no such acknowledgement on the Islamophobic view two decades before today.

Though it is commonly known as a terrorist attack, the attack was even more famous for it being an attack by radical Islamist. The catchy phrase of „war on terror‟ seems to have a more explicit meaning of „war against Islam‟. People all over the world began to associate Muslims with acts terrorism. The strong labeling process was due to a constant pattern of Islamist terrorism, such as the following occurrences of Bali Bombings and Al-Qaeda.

The perception on the correlation between Islam and terror from then on began to develop. Not only did this way of thought affect the community but it also influenced several nations‟ policies. Some states have the tendency to be more precautious to foreign visitors who have an Arabic figure and are Islam. Though people think this is highly normal, it is actually a concrete example of how islamophobia has affected the dynamics of international relations.

On the other hand, cases of violence against Muslims have increasedhighlywithin the past years. Muslims are constantly also on the insecurity of being harassed due to their faith. However, it seems that these types of issues relatively receive lesser media coverage. Therefore, wholesale nfl jersyes it is highly persistent to say that Muslims lives only matter when they are the perpetrators of an attack.

There are several incidents that triggered the raging perspective on islamophobia. However, among some contemporary topics, there are the cases of Boko Haram, Sydney Hostage Situation, Charlie Hebdo, the Chapel Hill shootings, and the list goes on and on.

On the case of Boko Haram, the aspect of islamophobia is not too existent but still significant. The occurrence of the kidnappings of Nigerian girls has brought attention to the

world. Little do people know that this incident is not only based on the terrorist group‟s ideology, but it is also a form of anti-westernization. However, since it is known that the Boko Haram‟s motive on kidnapping the school-girls was based on Islamic values, the ugly perception on Islam remains strong. It is extremely difficult to change the society‟s views on Islam when occurrences similar to this happen frequently.

Earlier this year, there was also the case of Charlie Hebdo shootings. The world was quite shocked during early January, where eleven journalists had to pay the price of a hated crime. This incident went viral in a second. Hashtags on #JeSuisCharlie became worlwide, the defence on freedom of speech began to increase correspondingly. Though there has been a popular opinion that this occurence did not define the Muslim community as a whole, we cannot deny the fact that islamophobia has been on the increase nowadays. People all over the world are still mostly terrified by the figure of a bearded man wearing traditional long clothing and a religous hat.

Skeptism and judgemental thoughts on Muslims has not stopped just yet. An Italian newspaper named La Repubblica initiated a social experiment on a Muslim man walking around Milan wearing stereotyped Muslim wear. It turns out that the Italian community still have strong (yet negative) views on Muslims. These people still identified Muslims as hardcore exteremists like they see on Television. Therefore, it has been proven that as more tragedies are associated with Islam, it will also lead to a bigger scope of sceptism in the international society.

I personally believe that the case of Charlie Hebdo is overrated. The notion of freedom of speech is never absolute. Though the UNHDR confirms that individuals have the right to the freedom of speech, it can never be fulfilled entirely. It can been proven that this Cheap MLB Jerseys case is not solely the act of Islamic terrorism against the West, but it is rather a form of resistance towards minority oppression in Europe. The discussion on the oppresion and tension Muslims feel in the European daily life has not been much centered by journalist. The press cheap oakleys seems to disregard the fact that there are other factors that contribute to the shootings in Paris. Little do people cheap football jerseys know that the Muslim society has been excluded dramatically from the How activities normal Europeans under-go. The oppresion and push towards the Muslims eventually lead to a crack in the system and shocked the world with a form of resistance toward further marginalization.

Words can have impact just as much as violence. If there is less concern on the idea where the Charlie Hebdo attacks root caused in the immunity on the freedom of speech, and that Muslims were basically victims of a non-tolerable environment, then it is clear that Islamophobia has infected the minds on the transnational society.

As a counter-issue of Islamic radicalism, the incident on earlier February yet again silenced the world. Three Muslim students were shot unmercifully by their neighbour upon a so-called parking dispute. The U.S. national media began to review the incident and most news channels prefer this crime as murderous incident that was triggered by a problematic parking spot. Of course, the Muslim society could barely accept this vague verdict. Many people have believed that this incident was not a mere parking-lot dispute; rather it was more likely to be a hate crime.

The shooting of three Muslims in North Carolina on early February brought a lot of sympathy from social media. However, the case seems to have stopped at the media-led idea that the incident was merely due to a parking dispute. As unrealistic as it sounds, that is the whole truth to it.

These events all have something in common; they are considered as outrageous and intolerable. If it is human rights we seek, when did the right to the freedom of speech become prioritized over the right to life? How come the media still engage in subjective views, and report on what‟s most favorable to the western society?

As youths, we should not be brainwashed by the Baratas Ray Ban media. We have a role to analyze on this particular phenomenon. International actions should be initiated to stop religion based hate- crimes, and prevent extremism.Though my thoughts are mostly based on my bias perception as a Muslim, I still believe that this goes for all religions. Jews and Christians also experience such sentiments from the society. It is just a matter of fact that Islam is currently the most looked down upon religion currently. Campaigns on religious rights should be upheld, and equality should not only matter for gender but faith rights should also be strongly held. We can never achieve a peaceful world where notions of religious sentiments still occur vastly in our society. It us up to us youths to take action upon changing the mindset of people towards religious sentiments, since actions on international level take a long time. Besides youth action, international level campaign with the help of international institutions can also serve as a media for increasing social awareness on religion/faith equality.


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