Global Flood Disasters in 2013: A Man-made Disasters

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Global Flood Disasters in 2013: A Man-made Disasters

Oleh : Diani Lestari



In 2013 several flood Computer disasters wholesale jerseys occured around the world. Scientists and environmentalist said that the climate change caused by human interference is the main reason behind this disasters.


Floods and other natural disaster happened in 2013. But flood disasters occured around the world such as China, India, Europe , America, Canada, and Afghanistan-Pakistan from May until December 2013. According to every news reports of flooding in each country, the flood this time occurred either because of unusually heavy rainfall or unusual weather. Researchers and scientists said that the unusual rainfall events or weather caused by climate change. Researchers, scientists, and also environmentalists agree that human is behind all of this climate change.

Furthermore, through NASA official website for climate change, they cite from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that climate change could lead to flood disasters especially in Europe and Asia.

Unusual rainfall events and weather

Europe and Asia are the continent with the high risk for flood disaster and often cheap football jerseys china experienced it. Several provinces in China and several countries in Europe is Flat experienced the flooding. Germany, Czech Republic, and Hungary are countries in Europe which suffered flooding. About 20 provinces in China were also experiencing a similar Best thing. North East India, Bangkok (Thailand), Afghanistan-Pakistan also suffer from the same disasters. In America, floods occurred in Colorado while in Canada floods hit the southern part of Alberta.

This disasters happened in almost all continents and within a sequence. Cheap Jerseys From China In Colorado, floods in 2013 may not be the worst flooding in history, but it is the heaviest rainfall Colorado has seen. Heaviest rainfall record also experienced by China. Cheap nfl Jerseys Mu Jianxin, a research fellow with the Department of Irrigation NFL Jerseys Cheap and Drainage at the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, told the Global Times that compared with previous years, the Chinese flood season (2013) is longer and stronger. The floods also hits some provinces which are supposed to be dry.

Moreover, North India expecting the monsoon that usually brings the flooding, but the fact is the heavy rain arrived earlier that year beyond anyone expectation. Also hydrologist said that the floods in Calgary, Canada were the result of some unsual weather. There were unexpected wind patterns and the convergence of two huge weather system along with the heavy rain. Calgary also experienced the new record for the heaviest rainfall since 1964 (35,1 milimetres) with 45 milimetres coming down. The floods in Canada also hit other areas there aren’t supposed to get flooded. Same situation also happened in Pakistan, National Disaster Management Chief (NDMA) chif Major General Muhammad Cheap Jerseys Saeed Aleem said the reccuring flooding was the result of unexpected rains, the rainfall season is more longer than usual. Furthermore, he’s also adding that the unexpected rains was the result of global climate change.

The unexpected weather and rains were also the reason for flooding in some countries in central Europe: Germany, Czech Republic, and Hungary. Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research near Berlin make statement Chevy that the unexpected weather which leading to either heavy rain or earlier rain was caused by human interference with the climate system.

The change of our climate systemWatch Sugarbabies (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Our climate system has changed for the past decade. Most sciencetist said that climate change caused by human activities lead to what we called as global warming. Extreme temparature like very low temperature but on the other side of the world have very high temperature, unusual weather, intense rainfall events, and unusual natural season were factual effects for the changed of our climate system.

In addition, changes in rainfall will be one of the most critical factors determining the overall impact of climate change. Because citing from the Guardian utimate climate change FAQ article with scientist, scientist said that a warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture, and globally water vapour increases by 7% for every degree centigrade of warming. How this will translate into changes in global precipitation (rain and snow) is less clear but the total volume of precipitation is Kita likely to increase by 1-2% per degree of warming. So it is likely that in a warmer climate heavy rainfall will increase and this could lead to a higher risk of floods. Believe it or not, but all of these happened because of human activities.

Human activities effecting the climate system

But some may argue that all of these disaster like floods and other natural disasters purely caused by nature itself, human activities that everyone say lead to climate change has nothing to do with all of these disasters. However, according to NASA official website for climate change, 97% of climate scientists from 18 scientific associations agree that climate-warming trends which leading to climate change over the past century are blog程序更换为LBS^2 likely due to human activities.

And every single day, human activities produces carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, CFCs, and methane gas that very harmful for atmosphere. As those chemical gasses reacted with the atmosphere, they changed the climate. Moreover human activities like deforestation also contribute to the climate change.

Thus, cleary that human activities responsible for climate system. We are playing with nature but at the same time blaming nature said Devinder Sharma from the Forum for Biotechnology and Food Security in CNN interview about North India floods. The climate system has changed and caused natural disasters around the world, in this case are floods.









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